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Ocean Lava Flow
Lava Flow Kalapana
Kona Sunset
Hawaiian Sunset
Hawaii Solar Power
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The Hawaiian Islands are one of the best places on planet earth to utilize renewable energy sources. The Big Island of Hawaii is the best one of the Hawaiian Islands to take the lead in showing the world how to use renewable energy chiefly because of geothermal sources of energy.

Renewable Energy Recycled
Bringing together the right people with the best minds into a non profit organization requires an art skill that is rare since collaboration in a community with everyone on the same page with a unifying goal can be a daunting task.
Open Source has proven to be an effective way to bring people together into a common cause with the premise that ideas should be open and free. MediaWiki is the chosen platform in the Dream Green non profit organization.
wordpress.org is the chosen blog platform


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Wind Farm
Wind Farm
Hawi Wind Farm
Puna Geothermal Project
Tidal Power
Bullit Train
Hydrogen Filling Station
Tesla Roadster

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